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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  May 1, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. protesters take to the streets in washington outraged over a new immigration law in arizona and demanding change nationwide. good evening. i'm maureen umeh. we're all arizona. that is what some of the signs at today's protest in front of the white house said. the reaction is fierce to the arizona law that requires police to ask people if they're in the country legally. today the passions were strong leading to dozens of arrests. matt ackland is back from the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: maureen, the rally really intensified as president
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obama's helicopter landed on the white house lawn. a gathering around a stage in lafayette park then moved towards the white house where about 35 protesters were arrested, including a u.s. congressman. here is the video of those arrests taking place. it appears over a thousand protesters showed to demand president obama follow through women graition reform measures -- through with immigration reform measures. on the law of many today was the new law in arizona which will allow police to ask people if they are in the country legally. >> we all hope to live in an area where our children can grow up and not walk down the street and not worry about whether or not their rights are going to be violated. >> congressman luis gutierrez of illinois was among those arrested in front of the white house. 35 people previously volunteered to be arrested to send a message to the president and the country that immigration reform is needed. >> matt ackland in the newsroom. thank you for that. the family of a man who
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died after being stunned with a police taser wants to know why police used that taser at all. police showed up in the 5500 block of columbia pike in arlington county because the man was acting strangely. they say he was uncooperative, combative and refused to obey commands. officers were forced to use taser to subdue him. he died shortly after. his wife says police did not have to why that kind of force. >> why did they do that? i just want to know why they used it because they use it like a toy. he was. he had no knife. he had nothing to hurt nobody. >> this is the second time this year someone has died after being tasered by arlington county police. this man is under arrest charged with assaulting an 11- year-old girl in montgomery county. he is behind bars after the victim's cousin walked in and allegedly caught him attacking the girl. investigators say he had
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followed the girl into her apartment in the 700 block of sligo avenue yesterday. >> the 11-year-old girl did something really g. she called police right away while her cousin was pursuing the suspect outside. >> he's charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, burglary, stalking, trespassing and a sex offense. the murder after district middle school principal has rocked his students and his staff. today they came together to mourn and remember. brian betts was found dead in his silver spring home last month, you might recall. for hundreds of people this was the first time they had a chance to say goodbye. fox 5's john henrehan was at memorial. >> reporter: because of the widespread popularity of murdered educator brian betts a public memorial service was scheduled and more than 300 people attended, including school board vice president christopher barkley who told the mourners betts was an
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extraordinary educator. >> i think he went the extra mile. i say that both with his professional work and just his humanity. he really cared about young people. >> reporter: brian betts helped establish an arts program at montgomery county's loiterman middle school. >> he was supportive when we were doing art or in a play or a dance perform manuals. it was great to have -- performance. it was great to have someone there who was always backing you up saying you did great. >> reporter: a dozen students spoke at memorial. many of the young men that remembered brian betts made it a priority to focus on the neediest kids. >> mr. betts never really pushed me as hard as he would push other kids who didn't have a mother or father because he said you already have what it takes. all i have to do is stay on your back a little bit and help push you a little bit more. >> reporter: when some kids moved out of boundary but wanted to say at mr. betts' school, he personally made that happen. >> he would pick me up and take me home from school every day. always helped out. >> reporter: d.c. school
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chancellor michele rhee reminded the mourners that his middle school students demanded that they change the rules and add grades to allow them to stay in the building. she did and many stayed to be with an educator who was one in a million. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the family of a brooklyn born man accused of having ties to al qaeda is reacting to those charges. the 33-year-old is being held in alexandria. he's accused with meeting of members of al qaeda in yemen two years ago and then coming back and linking up with another man to help modernize the terrorist group. his family is furious about those accusations. >> he has kids. they're american boy. i look for the u.s. veterans affairs, okay. i love this country as much as everybody else. i don't think anybody will do that for my country because this is my country. >> the other man charged is an
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accountant. the president is spending the weekend interviewing the possible supreme court justice. today president obama met with solicitor general elena kagan. last year she had been in consideration for the seat now occupied by soniaed sotomayor. a decision is expected in a couple of weeks. the oil spill in the gulf of mexico has taken a startling turn. find out how big it has grown literally overnight and what now has biologists worried it will spread up the east coast. should teenage drivers be singled out? a scarlet detail telling everyone they're young. we'll tell you why it's a new law in new jersey. well, record breaking highs around the area today, maureen, with the hot weather kicking in. and we have another day to deal with it as well as some storms in our forecast. i'll have all the details when i come back a little bit later. stick around. we're just getting started. 
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the oil slick in the gulf of mexico has tripled in size and the coast guard says it is impossible to accurately guess how much oil is still leaking from a well that exploded more than 40 miles off the gulf shore. it isn't known how bad the spill will get or how far it will reach but there are new fears the tides could pull it around florida and then up the east coast. right now the slick in the gulf is the size of puerto rico and that's nearly 4,000 square miles.
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one of the worries is how the oil will effect coral reef off the coast of florida. biologists say that would be devastating. craig boswell has the latest on the disaster. >> reporter: high winds frustrate efforts to contain a massive oil spill in the gulf. part of it has already washed ashore. weather is wreaking havoc with those trying to safe or -- to save tourist industries glrks it's now on a collision course with the fragile ecosystem and economy. >> we need more boots on the ground in response. >> reporter: governors along the gulf coast are scrambling for a way to stop the oozing crude oil spill. >> if oil gets in, how to collect it, dispose of it and we'll continue to do that. >> reporter: a leaking underwater oil well continues to spew more than 5,000 barrels a day into the gulf.
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bp officials say they're using all available resources to contain the spill. >> they're working 24 hours a day. >> reporter: hotels and resort, shrimpers and fishermen, recreational and commercial businesses all stand to lose. portions of rich fishing areas are already closed off to charter boats with the busy season approaching. >> we have three months we do well and the rest of the year we lose our butts off. >> reporter: one alabama pier owner fears this could be one of the last days of fishing for a long time comparing the oil impact to hurricane katrina. >> with hurricane katrina i knew i could rebuild in four months. with this oil spill, i don't know if i'll ever be able to come back. >> reporter: officials estimate more than a million and a half gallons of oil spilled already with no apparent way of capping that leak any time soon. in venice, louisiana, craig boswell, fox news. there have already been 26 federal lawsuits filed by commercial fishermen, charter boat captains, resort managers and property owners in four gulf states. attorneys say there could be hundreds of thousands more.
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toyota has now been hit with 327 lawsuits over its problems with sudden acceleration. the lawsuits have been filed in both federal and state courts. all of them claim injury or death because of the technical problem. they also claim things like breach of warranty, fraud and financial impact because the resale value of the cars dropped after the recall happened. should young drivers be red flagged on the road? a new law in new jersey is doing it. the law puts a bright red decal on the license plates of any car driven by someone 21 or younger. the decals tell police there can't be more than one teenager in the car. they can't drive past a certain time of night or use a hand held or hands free. >> parents have to decide am i going to have my 17-year-old put a sticker on her car and become a target for every sick company out there -- sicko out there or am i going to have her break the law and suffer the
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consequences after $100 fine. i'd take the fine. >> that fine is $100. the decals have a velcro attachment making them removable. a developing story from the food and drug administration tonight. a major manufacturer of children's medication has issued a voluntary recall. these are the children's drugs that have been pulled off the market for now. let's take a look the medications do not meet quality standards. some of them may have higher doses of the medication than the bottle says. others macon obtain enactive ingredients that don't meet testing requirements. the fda says the chance of serious illness is remove but for now you probably should not use the drugs. a sheriff's deputy shot a manhunt on for the gunman but while investigators continued their search, who else are they arresting? we'll have the latest from arizona. plus, is it new math for your kids? the push to change the way your child learns and when. that's on the other side of this break. 
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investigators in southern arizona are still looking for whoever shot a sheriff's deputy in the desert. they blen the gunmen were -- they believe the gunmen were suggest letters. -- smugglers. >> initial statements is what appears to be 20 to 30 rounds were fired at him. and he had returned fire upon
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the suspects. he believed that one of the suspects had been hit. >> investigators say the people captured overnight matched descriptions from the wounded deputy. the deputy has been released from the hospital. the virginia attorney general is changing the look of the state seal. this is what the seal looks like now. you can see the woman's left breast is exposed. that is the part ken cuccinelli has apparently changed. he gave out new lapel pins and it shows the breast covered with armor. the woman on the seal is the roman goddess. we cannot complain about this weather again today. it's looking hazy from this camera shot we have but overall i've got to tell you i was out and about, loved it. i don't think anybody else is complaining either. >> it was hot. but we're not out of the thick of things for the heat quite yet. >> considering we had the unseasonal -- well, the cool weather before this, this is-- >> we were talking frost last
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weekend. it is hot. last weekend we had storms that roared through the area. it's going to be a repeat performance of that as we move through the next 24 hours or so. a little bit of a breeze. you can see the camera shaking a bit. overall as maureen said, it was a very pleasant day. i'm going to get my maps up here. you can see exactly what we're talking about. we should be going to max two so we should have our weather headlines up for you. see that coming up. let's begin with a look at radar then. let's see what is going on there. what we've got in terms of radar is actually storms that are pushing their way through the midsection of the country. very severe storms you down here -- storms down here as you can see. they're associated with a frontal system. that frontal system unfortunately is going to push into our area as we move into tomorrow.
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and the majority of storms that we're talking about looks like it's going to prescribe mayoral to the north and west of the d.c. metro area. but we can't rule out that we won't see any of these and some of these could also be severe unfortunately as we move through to the afternoon hours. by the morning what we'll be talking about is at least some partly sunny skies. by the afternoon looking at this moving in. some of the models are show weg should see some maybe around the 5:00 or 6:00 hour and picking up more in the later part of the night. it is going to linger through as we head through unfortunately into monday as well. so be prepared for that. so could we not get max two up i guess? it's not working? all right. let's take a look -- do we have anything on max one that will come up for us then? here we go. we have max one going. a mild night outside. sunday hot. temperatures into the 90s and storms expected sunday into the evening hours. and temperatures are going to stay above seasonal. so that's what we're headed to into the course of the week. today as we talked about was pretty hot. record breaking temperatures at dulles. 90 degrees and just almost
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making it as far as baltimore is concerned. the record would have been 89 if they had gotten just one more degree. so those are the temperatures across the area that continue to really hit many of our neighborhoods. right now it's 86 degrees at national airport. humidity is at # 1% -- at 41% with the southerly wind floe. elsewhere temperatures still into the 80s. look at frederick. 91 degrees this hour. up the mid-atlantic just a little bit cooler but areas to the south saw a lot of that steamy weather pushing its way through and that warmer air is going to move in across our region. increasing clouds as we move through into the course of tonight, but then tomorrow as i showed you, that system is on its way. this warmer air from the south is going to continue to move through the mid-atlantic and that is what we're going to continue seeing as we head into the early part of tomorrow and into the afternoon hours with that storm system coming in. here's where the difference lies. you can see we only have 60s and 70s here. that's on the back side of that cold front. when that cold front slides its way through, it's not going to move to the south of us until we reach about tuesday. then we'll start to see
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temperatures dip down just a little bit. we're under a slight risk of severe wet forethe area tomorrow as -- weather for the area tomorrow as you see here in red. north of the d.c. area is where we could see severe weather. we'll have to watch it closely. we have warmer air to the south. cooler air to the north. we'll be heading actually into the 90s, not the 80s but we are going to see that hot, hot weather sticking around tomorrow and a chance of storms. here's futecast show -- futurecast showing you by 6:00 we start to get e wet weather pushing through. i still can't rule out a chance of a storm in the afternoon hours for us. so just be prepared if you're heading out. cloudy and mild for tonight. chance of storms for tomorrow. a slight risk of severe weather. a very hot 91 degrees in our forecast for tomorrow. and here's a look at your five- day forecast. 81 degrees on monday. once again those storms in the forecast. and then things calm down by tuesday. we still stay above seasonal, mawr even. we -- maureen. we really should be about 71 degrees. the first week of may just
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unbelievable. >> it is. i for one am not complaining. so gwen and you know a little bit about this next story. take a look. >> the nation welcoming several new citizens of the country. montgomery county executive isiah leggett spoke at the naturalization ceremony today in rockville. the new americans are from 32 countries. hundreds of people got around the -- got an around the world tour without any jet lag. guests got an inside look at their country's culture. the embassy tour is part of passport d.c., a month-long celebration of international culture. eventgoers got a chance to enjoy the cuisine, culture and crafts of 35 embassies. should there be national standards for the way kids learn math? there is an initiative underway right now that would change what's taught in cha grades.
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>> reporter: it's a sore subject for some students. that's why educators and lawmakers want to make sure when it comes to math, kids across the country are on the same page. proponents say the common core initiative would naturalize math -- national aize -- nationalize math standards. >> one of my students said it best a few years ago. she came to me and said you know? i can do this but i don't get it. what a horrible message to send to kids that mathematics is just about crunch through it, get an answer, doesn't matter if it makes any sense. doesn't matter if you know what the answer means. you got the answer. good and we're going to push you ahead faster. >> reporter: the new standards would teach multiplication in the fourth grade rather than the third and algebra in the ninth grade instead of the seventh and eighth but everyone would be learning at the same rate state to state. >> i really think the common core standards are a great idea. there are a lot of children in
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our area that move from place to place and they might miss out on certain things. >> reporter: critics say this moves in the wrong direction arguing states like california, texas and massachusetts would have to lower their standards. in silicon valley, many are concerned schools aren't preparing students to work in the ultracompetitive high-tech industry and the u.s. is already ranked behind countries like singapore and india in math and education. >> it's our -- if our graduates across the board don't match up to the graduates if these countries, there's a real risk that economically the entire country is at risk. >> reporter: a number of states around the country are considering opting out of the plan, but if they do, they'll give up some federal funding, a hard bargain to make when school districts around the country are already tightening their belts. in los angeles, anita vogle, fox news. he's used to being on the mound by now. what's on the horizon for the nats pitching phenom. lindsay is up next with sports.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. the nationals have shown major improvement. they expect to get a another big boost in june when stephen strasberg reportedly will join the team. his promotion to aaa could come very soon and according to a source within the nats organization, it could come
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after his start tomorrow in harrisburg. he hasn't given up an earned run since his first pro start. yesterday capitals g.m. george mcphee put to rest any speculation about bruce boudreau's job security saying, quote, bruce is a really good coach and he's going to be a really long time." he can't say that about his players. each year roster moves are inevitable. this group could expect to see five or six changes. the team has several big name free agents this year, including eight unrestricted free agents namely jose theodore. >> i think the core group here which is as good as any core group in the nhl is still getting older and learning and
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maturing. now they've gone from the young kids to now they've got to be the older guys bringing up the younger guys. and i think -- we're talking about that in meetings and i think they -- the guys we've talked to so far want that responsibility. >> if the capitals had won game seven they would have played today against the flyers. instead the bruins with home ice advantage hosting the flyers in game one. in overtime tied 4-4. from the right side beats brian boucher and that's the winner. the brewer take game one defeating the flyers 5-4 in o.t. d.c. united looking for their first win of the season hosting the new york red bulls. 51st minute, it is 1-0 early on for new york. just nine minutes later the red bulls with a long center into the box. it's headed in. united is shut out for the fourth time in five daims this season. they fall 2-0 to new york. the winless united has now scored only two goals all
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season. maryland men's lacrosse play, regular season finale against fairfield. terp seniors -- seven terp seniors taking the field for the last time. it's fitting a senior finds the back of the net for the first goal of the game. terps never trailed in this one. they score six in the first period. this he go on to crush fairfield 17-4. maryland finishes their regular season at 10-3. it's their eight straight 10-win season. tiger woods has misted the cut. phil mickleson on 18. a tricky par put but gets it to drop. he's seven under par and two shots back after two rounds. your second round leader has not won on tour since 1998. this is his birdie attempt from 67 feet. it's right on line but checks up just inches from the cup. baker is also at 71. he is your leader at 9 under
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par. just a couple notes. the national looks for four in a row. game two tonight against the marlins. the nascar sprint cup series from richmond is right here on fox a. coverage begins at 7:00. >> lindsay murphy, thank now that. gwen, one last quick weather word. >> we've got a high of 91 degrees tomorrow and a chance of storms tomorrow afternoon. >> that does it for us at 6:00. we'll see you for the news after nascar. t
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